Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pictures off my phone

Reagan right after she got her ears pierced

Sleeping baby Brynna

Flower towel

Richard getting Lasik surgery

Carter loving on the kitty

Sleeping Reagan

Carter on Zipper

Cowboy Cooper and Zipper

Sweet Reagan

Horseback riding lessons

Reagan's first big bow

Sweet dreams

Brand new!

Halloween costumes

First picture in the hospital. Just about to go home for the first time.

Which pair of glasses do I wear?

Shopping with all of the kiddos


Having fun with Grandma's phone

Bryan and I

First piece of bread

Dr. Appointment

Disneyland trip

Out to eat with Grandma

Off to see a horse show with Grandma in Las Vegas!

Bowling in Las Vegas

Don's Birthday Party

Laker Game

Watching the babies while Cade and Heather were in Florida

Snuggling Piggy